Current results - IHSA State Tournament

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Team/All-Around: Team -- All-Around

Individual prelims: Floor -- Horse -- Rings -- Vault -- P. Bars -- H. Bar

Individual finals: Floor -- Horse -- Rings -- Vault -- P. Bars -- H. Bar

Parallel Bars FINAL Order of Finish

PlaceNameYr.SchoolJ1J2Ded.Avg. ScoreComp #
1Benjamin ValakJr.Buffalo Grove9.60009.60000.00009.600013211
2Ben TaylorSr.LaGrange (Lyons)9.60009.50000.00009.550010410
3Tegshmurun JamiyankhuuSr.Skokie (Niles West)9.50009.50000.00009.500013011
4Karl VachlinFr.Roselle (Lake Park)9.30009.40000.00009.350014311
5Daniel LavrentievSr.Northbrook (Glenbrook North)9.20009.20000.00009.200012110
6Brian LieoSr.Skokie (Niles West)8.90008.80000.00008.850013010
7Callahn KraftJr.Mt. Prospect (Prospect)8.70008.60000.00008.650014110
8Anthony HyattSr.Highland Park8.50008.70000.00008.600012015
9Joe KallJr.Mt. Prospect (Prospect)8.60008.40000.00008.500014111
10Ernesto Lopez-MagallanesSo.Burlington (Central)8.30008.40000.00008.350012301